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Sutton Coldfield plumber: Leak detection services for gas & water

If you have, or suspect, a leak in your pipework this can be very inconvenient and in some cases costly where water supply is being lost. 

Plumbing repairs and maintenanceWe can assist with identification and detection of leaks in order for a decision to be made over how to rectify the problem.  There are different methods for detection, depending on the circumstances.  Our experienced engineers will be able to recommend the best approach to your problem.

Electroacoustic microphones or listening sticks can be used to detect leaks in pressurised water pipes, as these produce noise.  This method works in both indoor and outdoor areas.  Using the listening devices, noise from leaks can be amplified and filtered to aid detection of the leak location.

Thermal imaging can be used in cases where a leak could be somewhere within a large area and looks at the warmer and colder surface areas cause by water flow.  Thermal imaging can cover a larger area more quickly than other methods.  This method can also be used to look at damp problems either indoors or outdoors, detecting moisture in roofs and ceilings or under floors, for example.

Tracer gas which is a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen can be used to more accurately pinpoint water leaks.  Gas is inserted into the system and will exit at the point of the leak and make its way to the surface.  The gas mixture used will permeate all surfaces including grass, concrete and tarmac.

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