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Central heating maintenance, repairs and service, Sutton Coldfield

Boiler Servicing • Breakdowns • Repairs • Replacement

Central Heating servicing and repairsYour annual boiler service should never be overlooked. Firstly and most importantly it’s all about keeping you and your family safe. All boilers need a little TLC regardless of age. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you receive a full service, not just a quick check.

All valves get lubricated, your heat exchanger cleaned of soot and carbon deposits (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) and the all important condensation trap will be emptied, flushed and reinstalled. By going the extra mile we could easily extend the life of your boiler by several years, and also keep your extended manufacturer’s guarantee valid. 

If your system is sluggish and performing poorly, you may need a system cleanse or power flush and the installation of a Magnaclean filtration system.  Service times can be arranged to suit you.

Homeowner and Landlord's Certificates

We can provide homeowners and Landlord certificates; our coverage area includes Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond.  

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