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Boiler installations, servicing, breakdowns, repairs & replacement services

The basic principle and benefit of modern central heating has been around for over 60 years.

Central Heating servicing and repairsIn that period boilers have changed significantly, from open-flued, non-condensing to the latest room-sealed condensing combination, system and heat-only boilers, running on natural gas or LPG.

Our engineers are able to assist you in the event that your central heating system breaks down or is at the end of it's life, in addition to regular maintenance tasks. We offer Boiler Installations, Servicing, Breakdowns, Repairs, Replacement and Emergency call-out services

Perhaps you want to upgrade your bathroom radiator to a towel heater, or maybe you want to switch your existing radiator valves for thermostatic equivalents to give you more control in individual rooms.  Our heating engineers will be able to advise on the best solutions to meet your needs.

Beyond economical repair?

In the event that your central heating system is beyond economical repair and in need of total overhaul, we would be able to make recommendations of how best to replace your existing boiler and radiators based on the most up-to-date knowledge and available hardware.  This includes use of smart control technology and the most efficient radiators and valves.

Maintenance and Servicing

If you do not have a central heating system at all, perhaps you would like some professional advice on what the possibilities are for your property to give you the best result for your needs.  Our engineers can also give advice in how to care for your system and maximise the life of your boiler by carrying out regular servicing to manufacturer's instructions.  By cleansing your system appropriately and using magnetic filtration, which is heavily recommended by manufacturers in many cases, we can help you to minimise your long-term cost with regular care.

"If it's old, replace it" is often the saying in our throw-away society but we look to work with our customers to service, maintain and repair their central heating systems for many years and will only advise replacement where it is uneconomical to continue with the existing system.

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