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Air Source energy efficient heating system from Sutton Coldfield plumber

Air source heat pumps would generally be used with oversized radiators or underfloor heating systems because they produce a lower heat output than a traditional system.

Radiators will not feel as hot to the touch with an air source system as they would with a traditional system.

Air Source Heat PumpsHow does it work?

These systems work by compressing outside air to produce a heat output and work in the reverse way to your fridge as it removes heat from its inside.  Heat can be extracted from the air when temperatures are as low as -15 C. 

Heat pumps have a lower impact on the environment that traditional systems as the heat they extract from the air is renewed naturally.  When considering air source heat pumps as an option for your home you may benefit from lower fuel bills, especially if electric heating is being replaced.

We can advise on the design and installation of these systems in your property, where appropriate.  These systems are best suited to newer, well-insulated properties with existing underfloor heating or if you are considering a complete overhaul of your heating system, as larger radiators will be required.

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