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Central heating installation, repairs and maintenance, West Midlands

In its modern format, central heating has been around for a while now. Simple to maintain, it’s offered us unrivalled control for over 50 years. The only negative is that in general we don’t look after it, which in the end costs us money.

Central Heating installationsSimple upgrades to your current system can save you money whilst providing you a more comfortable home or business.  This could include thermostatic radiator valves, system flushing, Magnaclean filtration systems and thermostats with external temperature compensation and learning abilities. If it’s time for a new system, we can offer complete system design and installation using the most efficient boilers and radiators and the latest technology.

Larger or commercial properties

For larger properties you may want to consider unvented hot water systems, allowing mains pressure hot water across multiple bathrooms.

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