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Partial or full rewires, upgrading fuseboard

For all of your electrical rewires, lighting and first fix electrics, NEST Smart Home systems, energy efficient kitchen project solutions and Smart, app-controlled lighting solutions, daylight bulbs & external lighting...

Based in north Birmingham covering the Sutton Coldfield and West Midlands areas, Voltrix offers a comprehensive range of electrical services from the domestic market through to the commercial sector.

We take pride in all our jobs from big to small, whether we are simply installing a new plug socket, or carrying out a first fix or a complete re-wire. Our team have over 30 years of experience in the electrical division and are accredited to all the required standards.

We offer competitive prices and a fast and reliable service, with free quotations. Our essential aim is to make our customers happy.

Partial or full rewires, including upgrading the fuse box
Our electrical engineers can advise and assist with rewires, either partial or full. Faulty electrics can cause a serious hazard and potentially can lead to injury through electrocution or fire.  Building Regulations dictate the necessary standards for electrical installations and all of our work will be carried out by fully qualified electricians to comply with the relevant standards.
If you have purchased an older property, or if you have a specific fault, you can rely on our engineers to make a full assessment of the current electrical system and make recommendations for improvements and upgrades that need to be made to remedy any problems or bring electrics up to the required legal standards.

Alterations or additions to wiring
As Building Regulations apply to significant alterations or new additions to the wiring in your home, you need to consider seeking the correct advice when considering or undertaking such work.  Our engineers can assist with all aspects of rewiring, including upgrading the fuse box (consumer unit) and a survey report can be prepared in advance of you commencing work on your project or exchanging contracts on a proposed property purchase.

We would suggest that you consult with a qualified technician at the earliest possible point in your project to ensure that electrical work is carried out at an early point, before other work is done.

Smart, app-controlled lighting solutions, daylight bulbs and external lighting
We can offer the most up-to-date energy efficient lighting solutions for your home.
Lighting can be used in the home to create different moods in your rooms and we can offer a range of options to suit your tastes.

App controlled
You may wish to consider smart, app-controlled lighting solutions which are great for when you are away from home for security purposes.

Combat SAD using daylight bulbs
Lighting options can also be offered to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with the usage of daylight bulbs to produce similar levels of lighting to natural daylight.

External and security lighting
In addition to lighting in the home, we can also provide options for external lighting, from basic security lighting through to more substantial external lighting solutions for aesthetic purposes in driveways and gardens.

Experts for energy efficient kitchen project solutions
We can provide plans for electrical supplies to the kitchen area, including the location and quantity of sockets for the appliances required.

A fundamental part of any kitchen project should be the consideration for lighting and power solutions in the kitchen area. We can offer informed opinions on the best options for lighting your kitchen space to suit your usage and layout, including energy efficient solutions.

NEST Smart Home products
Home is more than just four walls and a roof over your head.  It’s where you feel safest and most comfortable.  But what if your home knew you as well as you know it?  What if it could recognise you and anticipate your needs?

Or, even better, what if it took care of the things that you forget.  Turned down the heat. Turned off the lights. Locked the door.  What if your home became – in small and then bigger ways – an extension of you?

These aren’t just daydreams or ideas for the future.  It’s what we’re passionately building at Nest, every day.  Our mission is to create a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.  With so many smart-home products to choose from, customers are looking for professional advice on how to select and install the right products for their home.  We can advise on, supply and install the complete range of Nest Products to suit your requirements (Plumbtrix is a Nest Pro company).

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